We all know how frustrating invalid access code issues can be. If you are receiving an error message when entering in your your access code or moderator pin, as obvious as it sounds, please first check that you are entering the correct code.

After verifying you have the right call-in information then the invalid code message can be the result of using speakerphone, wireless connections or headsets. All these can interfere with the code that our system 'hears' (as opposed to the actual code that you enter). That is why we suggest turning off speakerphone and muting your phone when entering the code. You can turn speakerphone back on and set up your phone as usual after joining the conference call.

In some cases it can also be that the system did not detect some or all of the touch-tones after they were entered, we notice this issue more often with VoIP services or cell phones that have a poor network signal. In such cases we advise to enter the code slower to be sure the system is detecting each and every number.

If you are still having issues after trying the suggestions above, please reach out to our support team by opening a ticket.