On May 26th, 2022 Pragmatic will get a new look. Your basic teleconferencing service will remain mostly unchanged, and dial-in numbers and access codes will remain the same.

The table below lists the differences between the legacy and new 'refreshed' version of Pragmatic Conferencing.

Access recordings and conference records from meetings held before May 26th in your legacy portal -> https://pragmatic.conferenceprovisioning.com

LEGACY Pragmatic


Call recording

  • Press *4 (star, four) on your phone's keypad, then press 1 to confirm

Call recording

  • Press *9 (star, nine) on your phone's keypad. You will not be required to press anything else to confirm. Recording will begin immediately and participants will be notified (only available to moderators)
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  • Additionally, you can now initiate recording using the online moderator controls

  • Recording details will be sent together with your conference call summary email. We will no longer send a separate email with for your recordings.
  • All recordings made before May 26th can be retrieved from your legacy portal until July 31st -> https://pragmatic.conferenceprovisioning.com

Mute all

  • Press *5 (star, five) on your phone's keypad

Mute all

  • Press *7 (star, seven) on your phone's keypad to toggle through the three mute modes (only available to moderators)
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  • Additionally, you can now mute all participants or individual lines using the online moderator controls

  • Press *1 (star, one) on your phone's keypad

We’ve improved the dial-out feature, allowing you to call out to participants using your new online controls. *1 for dial-out will no longer be supported. Learn more >

End conference

  • Press ## (pound, pound) on your phone's keypad

End conference

  • Press *0 (star, zero) on your phone's keypad to end the meeting and disconnect all participants (only available to moderators)
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Old account dashboard

New updated dashboard design

Sign in to the improved user portal using your email address.

New feature --->

Schedule a conference

  1. Click ‘Schedule

  2. Choose a date/time

  3. Add participants you want to invite

  4. Click ‘Schedule’ to notify invitees

  5. The meeting will be added automatically to the default calendar application connected to your email account and all invitees will receive an email invitation.

New Feature --->Manage a meeting from any device

  1. Login to your new Pragmatic account

  2. Select ‘moderator controls’ from your computer or mobile device

The conference will start when:

  1. The second caller joins

  2. The host joins

Waiting room

  1. Waiting room off - conference starts when second caller joins

  2. Waiting room on - participants hear music until conference starts when moderator (host) joins

Entry & Exit notifications

Chimes and Name Announce

  1. No separate settings for entry/exit - only on or off

  2. Disable chimes during a conference using *8