As the meeting Host, you can select your default audio preferences for your meeting room once you have associated [LINK] it with your meeting room.  This is recommended the first time you start a meeting as the Host. 

1. Navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting or enter the meeting URL into your internet browser.

2. Click Enter Meeting Room or login using your Adobe Connect account information.

3. Once you open your Meeting Room, the Start Audio Conference pop-up window will appear.  You have two options:

  • Start your audio conference by clicking Start.  If you select this option, skip to Starting a Web Meeting using InterCall Audio Conference Controls below.
  • Modify your audio preferences by clicking View/Change Settings.  This option will allow you to set your default audio preferences for your meeting room. 


4. Click View/Change Settings to set your default audio preferences for your meeting.   The Audio Profile Settings appear. 


5. After you have selected an Audio Profile to associate with this meeting room, choose your default settings for the audio conference.

     a. Using Microphone (Computer/Device) allows you to participate via your microphone.

  • Allow participants to use Microphone allows your participants to participate via microphone as well. 

     b. Using Phone

  • Broadcast Telephony audio allows you to have participants join via an audio stream without joining via telephone.  This is one-way communication so participants cannot interact during the meeting.  This option is primarily used for larger meetings or events.  Broadcasting telephony is mandatory if you have selected to Using Microphone (VoIP) and Using Phone together.
  • Provide Dial-in details to participants displays the audio conferencing information to the participant to use to dial into the conference.
  • Provide Dial-out details to participants displays the option for participants to receive a call-back to join the audio conference.

     c. Start Audio Conference automatically with this meeting* will start the audio conference as soon as you open the meeting room. 

     d. Show Start Audio Conference Dialog when meeting starts means that the host must             manually start the audio conference when you enter the meeting room.  Selecting this option will negate the previous selection.

6. Click Done once you have made your selections. Your default audio preferences will be saved for each subsequent meeting you hold in this meeting room. To edit your audio profile settings at any time, go to the Audio menu and select Audio Conference Settings.