Once you have created an audio profile [LINK], associated it to your meeting room [LINK] and selected your audio profile settings [LINK], you can start the audio conference. Adobe Connect uses the dial-in steps in the profile to connect to Pragmatic audio and start the meeting. 

1. Navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting or enter the meeting URL into your internet browser. Click Enter Meeting Room or login using your Adobe Connect account information.

2. The Join Audio Conference dialog box appears.  Depending on your default preferences, you may see different options for joining the audio conference:

  • Dial-out [Receive a call from the meeting] - see step 3.a.
  • Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone - see step 3.a.
  • Using Microphone (Computer/Device) - see step 3.b.
  • Listen Only - see Step 4.


3. Attendees must select an option to join.  If attendees join using multiple methods in a single web meeting, then you will have a blend of participants using the phone and microphone (VoIP) during the meeting.

     a. If you select the Dial-out option, enter your telephone number as shown in the example (e.g. +Country Code-Area/City Code-Number) and click Join.  Shortly thereafter, you will receive a phone call asking you to join the audio conference.  Follow the audio prompts to join the conference.

If you select the Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone option, then follow the instructions in the dialog box to join the audio conference. 



    b. If you select Using Microphone, this option gives you and your attendees the ability to talk through the microphone during the meeting.  This is also referred to as VoIP. Click Join to participate using the microphone.  

A Microphone icon will appear next to your name in the participant list indicating that you are connected by Microphone.  The icon appears only when you are actively speaking.

4. To participate in the audio broadcast, click the Listen Only button.  This option will allow you to join in ‘listen only’ mode.  You will not be able to interact during the audio conference portion of the meeting.