Breakout rooms are subrooms that can be created within a meeting or training session.  They are useful for splitting a large group into smaller groups that can talk and collaborate with each other. 

Note: To use the breakout rooms feature, you must have the sub conferencing feature enabled on your InterCall On-Demand Pragmatic account.  Once enabled, your account can handle up to 15 breakout rooms with the maximum number of ports set up on your account. If you do not know if your account has sub conferencing feature enabled or the maximum number of ports per meeting, please contact customer service or go to to see your account details.

1. To create a breakout room, click on Breakout Room View breakout_room_view.png in the Attendee Pod.  A new Breakout Room View will appear.


2. Before you start the breakout sessions, you must set up the number of breakout rooms that you want (up to 15 is supported on your Pragmatic account).  To add a breakout room, click on Create a New Breakout Room and add the number of breakout rooms that you want.  The additional breakout rooms will appear in the Attendee Pod.


3. To add an attendee into a breakout room, you can either (a) evenly distribute them into the breakout room(s) or (b) you can individually add them into the room of your choice. 

4.a. To evenly distribute attendees into the breakout rooms, click Evenly Distribute even_distribute.png from Main.  Attendees will be distributed evenly amongst the breakout rooms.

4.b. To add attendees into the breakout room your choice, left-click the attendee’s name in list and select the breakout room.


The attendee’s name will then appear under the breakout room that you selected.


5. To start the breakout session(s), click Start Breakouts in the Attendee Pod.