As a friendly reminder, International Toll Free (ITF) Dial-In Numbers may not work in all circumstances.  There may be some restrictions imposed by the carriers used for provisioning these numbers and these restrictions are quite common irregardless of the conferencing provider you are using.

For a complete list of International Dial-In Number restrictions, please refer to the attached document in this article.

Below are some examples of restrictions.  

  • Cell phones do not always connect to toll-free numbers.  Mobile access may work but it is not guaranteed.  For instance, mobile access in Bermuda only works from the C&W Bermuda network
  • Mobile access might be available but airtime is charged
  • Some pay phones may require payment in public coin in order to place the call
  • Some pay phones may need to belong to a specific telco provider such as Telstra in Australia
  • Private pay phone access may be barred or dialing ITFS numbers may be blocked
  • The International Direct Dial (IDD) service may need to be activated with the local carrier
  • Service is not guaranteed in some countries
  • Some countries limit the number of concurrent (i.e. simultaneous) international calls that can be made when dialing an ITFS number

ITFS = International Toll-Free Service 


What are my options?

There are always several options to connect to your conference call if you are experiencing difficulties with the International Toll-Free Number.

  1. Connect via the International Toll (i.e. Local) Number.  Pragmatic offers several local numbers you can call from specific cities around the world.
  2. Connect via the North American Toll (i.e Local) Number.  This is almost always guaranteed to work and although long-distance charges may apply, those LD charges may be negligible or even waived depending on the plan with your provider.
  3. Connect the international participant with assistance from the Operator by pressing *0
  4. Scheduled an Operator Assisted call with Pragmatic and leave everything to us!