When we provision you as a user for our teleconferencing service, you are provided with a Toll Free and a Toll number.  The Toll number is also referred to as a Local number and for all intents and purposes, it is based in Canada (for billing and provisioning purposes).  An example of a Local number is 416.555.1234.  When you are outside North America, the Local number can be accessed from anywhere in the world but long-distance charges will apply. 

The only time you need a country code for connecting to a teleconference is when you are dialing the Local number (i.e. 416-555-1234) from anywhere outside North America.  When calling the Pragmatic Local number from outside North America, you are essentially placing a long distance call.  And when placing a long distance call from Portugal, for example, the person placing that call needs to know the Canada country code, which is +1.