The SIP Gateway allows SIP-based meeting room systems to join a video meeting room and participate fully in the video conference.

Instructions to use the SIP Gateway

How to join a video meeting from a SIP device

  • Copy the meeting details from your account or schedule a meeting and share the 'Join with a SIP device link:
    • To join directly to a conference use:
      For example: sip:1234567-0@sipgw.pragmatic.
    • If using additional security, the passcode will replace the '0', for example:
    • In the SIP client call then enter the access code using the keypad and click “#” to join.

Meeting controls

  • 1 : Change view mode (gallery vs left side speaker view)

  • * : Show/hide participant list (only usable in ‘speaker view’, which includes screen and document sharing and spotlighting)

  • 6 : Toggle mute/unmute (mutes audio in conference). Mute/Unmute using SIP device control panel to mute hardware

  • Video ON/OFF using SIP device control panel. Note that the camera is required to be on to be able to join a conference but can be disabled after joining.

Current Known Limitations:

  • Hand raise / lower is not yet implemented

  • Can’t join Breakout room or Instant Room

  • No chat for SIP participants (Public or private)

  • SIP participants can’t upload file to the chat

  • SIP participants can’t Annotate

  • No Virtual Background