*Not all subscriptions will have the recording feature - please check with your account admin.


  1. Call the dial-in number
  2. Enter your moderator PIN followed by the # key
    (You can find your moderator PIN via 'Dial-in information')
  3. Press *9 to begin recording
  4. Everyone will hear a message that the call is being recorded
    (This is so that we adhere to privacy and GDPR regulations)
  5. Press *9 again to stop/pause the recording at any point
  6. The recording will automatically end when your conference ends and an email with an mp3 download link and playback information will be sent to the host. The same details can be found in your account via the right-hand menu under 'Recordings' and also via 'Past' calls.

NOTE: Only hosts/moderators can initiate recording. More than one person can use the moderator PIN.



  1. Make sure you have logged into your account before joining the conference.
  2. The recording button is located within the Menu at the bottom of your Online Meeting Room.
  3. Choose if you want to record audio only or record video. By selecting video your recording will include your video feed and screen sharing as well as the audio.
  4. To start or pause a recording – simply click on 'Record'.

Note: All conference calls that are recorded can be automatically transcribed after each call so you have a detailed transcription of your meeting. This can be found in your past conferences tab along with your recordings. See the 'Features' section for more detailed information about 'CUE Smart Summary'. *Note that CUE is a premium feature. Check with your account admin to verify if you are subscribed.



Schedule a Call to Record Automatically*

You can set it up to automatic audio record by checking the box at the bottom of the first page of the scheduling process and then Schedule your call as normal. You can check if your call has been set to record in the 'Upcoming' calls section. If you see 'Record' visible in the top left then your call is set to record.

With this feature activated, recording will be automatically initiated once there are at least two participants in your conference. When callers join the conference they will also hear a voice prompt informing them that the call is being recorded. It is also possible to pause and restart the recording during a scheduled call if you wish.

*NOTE: Please be sure that participants do not call in more than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the call, otherwise a new conference will be started and it will not automatically record.

Record ALL your calls Automatically?*

Visit the 'Settings' section of your account and select 'Recording & live streaming' from the menu that appears on the left hand side. Just check the box to automatically record audio and hit save. All newly scheduled calls and all on-demand conferences will now be recorded by default.

*NOTE: Be aware that changing this setting will NOT impact any calls you have already scheduled with your account. If you want to ensure calls already scheduled are recorded  by default, you will need to delete and then re-book those meetings.

Where to find your recordings

An MP3 download link and Telephone Playback information for the recording are included in your detailed call summary email. All call recordings can be found in the 'Recordings' section of your account via the 'Menu'.  You can also access and listen to your recordings at any time when viewing “Past Conferences”.


Video Recording

You can also record all audio, video and screen sharing form your online meeting. For more information on video recording, just go the the 'Features' section and select 'Video Recording'.