There are 5 reports available to you to View or to download - Invoices, Transactions, Meeting Summaries, Call Usage, and Call Records. You may also view any previously exported CSV files. 


Callbridge Reporting


The Invoices tab allows you to view the charges included on any invoice, as well as export that information to a CSV file. 

You may also drill down to the specific transactions associated with that invoice

The Usages Charges tab allows you to view all calls that have taken place along with any transaction fees that are associated with the call.

The Meeting Summaries tab provides you with details of each meeting that is held, such as date, time, duration, etc. You may also link to view Call Usage details for the specific usage type. 

The Call Detail Records tab allows you to view all calls that have taken place with details such as length, attendees, connection method, start time, end time and much more. 

To export any report to a CSV file, just click the Export CSV button on the top right of the screen